Score required to clear PMP exam

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Please asdvise what is the minimum score required to clear the PMP exam.



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Hi harjeet

106 questions out of 175 should be right , approx 61%.  25 questions are not used for scoring.



PMI has officially removed PMP exam passing score. I read most of the expert saying anything between 65-70% should be the passing score.

Rohit, PMP

I have written a 2 part article that discusses completely about PMP Exam passins score. These articles will directly answer your question.
* First part talks about history of PMP exam score and what PMI expects from test takers - Facts & opinions about PMP passing score.
* Second part provides a method to determine if a candidate is ready for the exam or not - Determine your own PMP Exam Passing Score.

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In the past, 61% was published by PMI® as the passing score for the PMP® Exam (which means that PMP® Certification aspirants need to correctly answer 106 or more PMP® questions out of the 175 real questions). In fact, PMI® played around with the passing score several times.


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There is no certain criteria/ cut-off marks for the exam, it is all about our own perception. Project Management Institute (PMI) will determine the candidate passing score based upon the tough set of PMP exam questions in ehich candidate have answered. The ensure of pass in PMP exam is to get atleast 75% in quality PMP sample questions.

Note: For every year the question pattern may change & minium cut-off may vary.

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