Scope change or Scope Enhancement?


I am working on a project for software, We have recieved new addition to the scope of existing undergoing project, what we can give it more sophisticated name?

Scope Change? Change Scope? or any better business name to fill the documents?



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Scope increase or requirements modification 

Basically its for the client to understand that they have to pay extra for additional work. 


Whenever issues are found while project work is being performed, submit a change request which may/ may not modify project scope, schedule and cost baselines.
Ideally a change request can be considered as a formal / official document containing a call for adjustment. In the software implementation project, modifications in report output format can be considered as a Change Request, unavailability of resources would be a Change which certainly requires corrective or preventive action, if a particular formula is not working as per state logic requires a change hence Change Request is the output of almost all the processes in Monitoring and controlling Group.
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A Change is any modification to any Plan, Document, Work Product, Deliverable or Artefact. It needs an approval from CCB before it can be implemented.

Change Management

A Process where Changes are identified, documented, analyzed and decided (approved or rejected). It is usually unique to an Organization. Many organizations used manual and automated tools for Change Management.

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