Rita's Question on Risk Management. Need help.....

This is one of the questions from Rita's question bank. 

You have been appointed as the manage of a new, large and complex project. Because the project is business-critical and very visiable, senior manage has told you to analyse the risks and prepare response strategies asap. The organization has risk management procedures that seledom used of followed, and has had a history of handling risks badly. The project's first milestone is in two weeks. In preparing the risk response plan, in put from which of the following is generally LEAST important?

a) Project team members
b) Project sponser
c) Individuals responsible for risk management policies and templates
d) Key stakeholders


As per Rita, correct answer is  B. But why C is not correct ? As it's mentioend in the question that organizations' risk management procedures are useless.

Any thoughts..?

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The question is tricky and good, they are asking the input which is LEAST important and not who should be ignored.


Project team members and Key stakeholders are the people who are on the ground will tell you the real risks for the upcoming milestone, so a & d are ruled out.

Now between b & c , the individuals who prepare the policies know what are the shortcomings of current policies and make the templates accordingly. Their inputs will give you the historical picture of what risks are usally missed out by such project teams.

Project sponsor would help in indentify business level risk , customer related risks and those high level stuff, but may not be hands on with delivery. So his inputs matter but will be least important in preparing the risk reponse plan.

Think of the project sponsor as your second line manager or third line manager, v/s an SQA supporting your project. Who do you think will contribute most ?

The question bank is really an informative one. It is one of the most sought-after reference there is. - Marla Ahlgrimm