Rita vs PMZilla....

I've read the PMBok 4th ed, and Rita's 6th ed and took her quizzes in the book.   When I read just the PMBOK, I passed her tests at about 75%.  Then weeks later, I start reading her book and take the quizzes and get 80% consistently.  Also, her demo CD for PMFASTrack, I got 80% on 25 questions the first time.    I took another sample test on the internet (5 questions) and got 100%.

So I am getting confident, UNTIL I take the PMZilla questions and consistently score 30%.

What's going on?



questions on Pmzilla and other sites are the one's that would be close to the real exam. we need to decipher the knowledge and answer questions, there wont be direct book questions from topics.



Even after doing extremely poorly on PMZilla, I still got 80% on Rita sample questions and passed the exam on the first try.

I didn't see very many questions that were even close to the difficulty as PMZilla, but most were similar to the difficulty of Ritas books.

good luck.



While practising using Rita's software did you practise each knowledge area or just superpmp

Am consistently scoring 75-80% on Rita's but for PMZilla 25 question Test2 scored only 30%! I did not feel confident answering most Qs at all.

Haven't taken the real test yet.

Can you please describe your experience with respect to the difficulty levels you perceived & the confidence you felt while taking the real exam?

Appreciate your feedback.

Even I have observed the same.  I tried Q&A from many books (rita, haldman etc.) on also online free sample Q&A and got close to 80%.  But no luck with PMZilla.  With PMZilla always getting below 50% :( . Don't know why?

Should i go for real exam?



found that the questions in pmi q&A (old edition) are the same as Rita's.

does it mean that by Studying Rita's book in more depth, would actually bring us close to the exam questions 

I took a Project Management Certification course at the local community college.  About 45 hours, book was An Introduction to Project Management, Schwalbe.  Studied the PMBOK fourth edition and Rita Mulcahy's PMP prep sixth edition.  Did not use Rita's other products.  Took daily free quizzes on many websites that offer them.  The extra quizzes helped me identify weaknesses, although I was surprised I didn't get questions like that.

I found my personal experience in managing engineering change board (configuration control plus what I now know is Integrated Change Control) and being a contract administrator in my past helped a lot.   I've been in a manufacturing company recently and was involved in implementing two ERP systems and managing several new re-tooling projects.  Also found that the Quality methods were very familiar to me and gave me a leg up.  And math comes easy to me.   All these experiences made the class and studying more productive, as i didn't have to learn a lot of new things, just learn the terminology PMI uses.   The processes all made sense.   

After the formal class, I took a 2-month break due to a busy schedule and finally got settled-in about 2 weeks before the test and studied hard.  I took the time off from work and sat my butt down in the chair.   Wish I had a study group, it would have been more fun and quicker.  After all that studying, I felt I could teach it to someone else, so there wasn't anything else to do except take the test.

The Prometric site was friendly and helpful and I did not feel distracted at all.   Did not feel like I needed to do the "brain dump" but wrote down one important table and then as I went through the test, wrote down formula's that I used so they would be there again.  During the 15 minute orientation, I had to keep refreshing the screen or it warned me it would start the test immediately. 

When I felt ready, I agreed to enter the test.  There is no "fade to test"...first question is right there now.  Taking sample tests, I paced about 30 seconds each.  I was more deliberate during the actual test and so i took longer.  most of the questions seemed fairly direct.  I even had some "gimmies" but not enough to make me giddy. and there were some that came from left field, but not so many that i was concerned. 

I finished at 3:10 and instead of taking a break to stretch and get water (etc) i decided to review.   Because there were only about 10 questions that i did not answer, I went back and finished those up quickly.  Then went to all the ones I marked to check my answer and saw that i was now so tired that I decided it better to leave those alone unless i saw something obvious (which i did in a couple instances).   Finally cleared all the marks at 3:50 and was mentally drained.

Pushed the "OK" button and held my breath.  It said i passed.  Took about 5 minutes to sink in.   By then I was checking out and heading for the door with a big fat grin.Cool

Hope this helps.