Rita Mulcahy's book Table of Content

Hi Friends,

I got table of content from net for Rita Mulcahy's book 5th edition, 2005, 452 pages as per below

(cost 80 USD)

Please advise me is it the same book required for PMP exam preparation? As I am spending 80 USD, I need to doublly sure and experience people like all of you, can guide me very well.

Ch-1 PMP exam

Ch-2 Project management framework

Ch-3 Project management processes 

Ch-4 Integration management

Ch-5 Scope management

Ch-6 Time management

Ch-7 Cost management

Ch-8 Quality management

Ch-9 HR management

Ch-10 Communication management

Ch-11 Risk management

Ch-12 Procurement management

Ch-13 Professional and social responsibility



Total pages 452.



Pradeep Sodha


You have choosen right book but it is not for you. It seems that you are just starting for the journey, if so then you have to buy the recent one i.e 6th Edition as from 30June09 PMP exam is joing to change.

Best of luck

Yes, u r right. I have just started and planning to give exam in Aug. I have to search for 6th edition now. Do you think there are wide defference between 5th and 6th edition? What I belive is fundamentals remains same, the only difference could be addition of some more process charts. Am I right?


Yes Pradeep you are right. There are not much diff. But as you are new so you wont find out any diff.

I like to suggest you not to follow Rita first rather study PMBoK once. I have gone through both PMBoK 3rd and 4th edition and found more comfortability in 4th Edition. After that you have to (have to) follow Rita. Rita is more exam oriented and definitely help you to pass the exam.

Try to have pmsimulation software (Cheap $50) or best is Rita Fastrack but costly ($300 Arnd)

To get 35 Contact Hour (Essential for PMP), you can have Cornelius Podcast (Audio & Video)

Best of luck.

I have already gone through 35 hour contact program through U21 global university (MBA 701 Project Management Methods) which is approved by PMI.

I have one book called Project Management: A Managerial Approach. 6th ed. John Wiley and Sons, 2006, Meredith, J. R. and S. J. Mantel 

I don't know how useful this book would be for PMP, but I guess it might be. I have started reading 4th edition of PMBOK.


Search for the book in Amazon, you would probably get the book at 1/2 the rate (if you choose used books). I bought a few used books and could not tell the difference between used and new.