Rita & Frequency of Exam Questions

I have read from Rita's book where she has mentioned the Number of times a particular type of question has appeared on the actual exam. This information guides one on the level of focus to assign such a topic.

(i) How does Rita know that a particular type of question has appeared only 3 times, 2 times, or never on the actual exam?

(ii) Does PMI have any repository of past questions just as ACCA, CFA do?


Kindly make ur inputs especially with the references below:

DEFINITION OF QUALITY: Quality is defined as the degree to which the project fulfills requirement................MEMORIZE this phrase, there have been about FOUR questions on this topic on the exam. (Rita 6th Ed; Pg269)

COST OF QUALITY: The cost of conformity should be lower than the cost of non-conformance. Otherwise, why spend time improving quality? The exam has asked about 3 questions on this simple topic  alone. Rita 6th Ed; Pg276)

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