Rita 8th edition review


Any one has gone through the new edition of the Rita 8th edition book ? Is there any difference in questions at th e end of the chapters?



 I ordered it yesteday from Amazon. Will let you know if there s any difference once I get a chance to go through that.


I am going thru the Rita eighth edition for the last one month and feel it is good for understanding PM concepts.I found end of the chapter questions same as seventh edition,except different for integration KA in a quick glance.I bought it from RMC website for $60,but shipping to Saudi Arabia cost me another $65.I recommend this one since it help u lot in a exam point of view.By reading PMBOK only, u cannot understand the inter-relationship between KA's and it wont help u to tackle questions in real PMP exam.

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My second prepearing for this exam...

Please, can you kindly send Ritha 8th edition to me.

E-mail : ckrgzd@gmail.com

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 Yes.  I would say only about 10% different to account for the new Process Groups

I'm using Rita 8th edition also and there are SIGNIFICANT changes, all over the place. I actually wen through a few chapters in parallel to see the differences and they are plenty and important especially in rita's process chart.

I DO NOT RECOMMENT anyone to attept to study for the exam from the 7th edition. It's totally worth to just spend the 100$ including shipping from amazon and you're good to go.



Can you share the Rita'a 8 th version book please. My email adres: ckrgzd@gmail.com

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Can you please kindly send Ritha 8th edition to me, I really need it.

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