Rita 6th Edition

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I'm studying Rita 6Th Edition to prepare for the exam. i heard 7th edition in market. how much difference btwn this two releases. any one of you have 7th edition please share with me .


Rita 7th is a preferred choice over 6th as anything new would give you better visibility. As you know PMP exam format has been changed since 31-Aug-2011, only format has changed but NOT the syllabus as PMBOK remains the same.


I feel going for Rita 7th is not mandatory, you can even read Rita 6th. See here lot many people have passed PMP using Rita 6.


Please do not ask anyone for any license material and it’s a violation of Licensing and individual usage.

agree with saket. 6th edition is fine enough dude. However, if you are using Fastrack either v6 or v7, and you updated the question bank, the explanation to answers there are referenced to Prep 7th Edition, meaning your fastrack with updated question bank will not be complementary with your book. But if you are not using fastrack, using 6th edition is not a problem. 6th edition is PMBOK4 compliant anyways.

I using Rita 6th edition only and passing last week. Rita 6th is very good and its Fast Track also...Excellent. No need for 7th version.

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