Risk response, where it is implemented


As per PMBOK section 4.3 Direct and Manage Project Execution also lists -  the manage risks and implement risk responses activities. (page 83 PMBOK guide)

But the same activity (risk response implementation) is part of the Monitor and Control Risks process.

So, where exactly is the implementation takes place?

If there is a question which describes the situation on risk implementation and asks with process / process group does this belong; what can be the answer since PMBOK lists the same activity in both these processes.

Thanks in advance.





As per my understanding these process groups are not discrete & many times they over lap. You can refer fig on page-40 pmbok guide. Here practically the risk response implementation takes place while the project is in executing phase and you can consider the M&C process group as an umbrella process group under which many process & process group activities takes place. 

For answering purpose it can be considered as, implementation of risk response plans happening in M&C process groups. 

Expert views/suggestions from group members are most welcomed. Please correct me if I am wrong. 


Hemant Virkar

 I just started reading PMBOK Integration Management today and was surprised to see the "manage risks and implement risk responses activities" as part of Direct and Manage Project Execution.

Before that, if asked which process group does "managing risks and implementing risk response plans"  belong to I would no doubt say it is Monitoring and Controlling since it was specifically mentioned as an activity of Monitor and COntrol Risks process.

Now I see that it might be both.

I'd appreciate if somebody could clarify this with an expert opinion :)


Risk response has 2 fold activities one is implementation and second controlling , it is so simple.
For example
One important delivery can not possible by train route due to derailment and heavy stock at railway storage yard .
Now action of risk response will start with monitoring and will be implemented under execution as all required action of 2nd alternati ve will performed . Then these actions will be controlled under monitoring and controlling.