Risk Qn

 You are using the interviewing technique of the Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis process.

You intend to use normal and lognormal distributions. All of the following statements
are true regarding this question except which one?
A. Interviewing techniques are used to quantify the probability and impact of the risks on
project objectives.
B. Normal and lognormal distributions use mean and standard deviation to quantify risks.
C. Distributions graphically display the impacts of risk to the project objectives.
D. Triangular distributions rely on optimistic, pessimistic, and most likely estimates to
quantify risks.
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agree with you, answer is D. I think it was simple question

I went with D as well. But Ans is C.

Distributions graphically display the probability of risk to the project objectives as well

as the time or cost elements.
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My friends at homework help for college service told me that most possible answer is C. And i agree with them because they are actually very sophisticated!