Kindly clarify the following one

In a project a important raw material has been outsourced from the
contractual company to deliver on specific time frame. Due to some
reason the contract company unable to deliver on the specified date,
one of your employee tells that a low grade of raw material is
available with different vendor. What you should do first

a. Do nothing wait for the contractual company to deliver the product

b. Analysis the risk of using the different grade of raw material

c. Analysis the quality of using the different raw material with the scope

d. Modify the scope baseline to use the new raw material available from different vendor.

The answer should be B.

 Low Grade is not always a problem. So if you analyze the risk you can use it.

If you are a manager, you need to be open for options. Letter B for me is the safest way to go about this business. - Marla Ahlgrimm