Risk Management Questions.


I came across couple of intresting questions in the Risk management. I need some explaination for the answeres provided for the question by the aurthor.

8. David is the Project Manager of a Road construction project. During a project review, David realizes that one particular risk has occurred. To take appropriate action against risk that has happened, David needs to refer to which document?
a. Risk response plan
b. Risk management plan
c. Risk breakdown structure
d. Risk register

I choose choice D according to PMBOK Page 288; but aurther's answer is A.

I think author is wrong. Any explainations? 


11. David is a Project Manager for Green Valley project. A risk management plan has been prepared for the project. Which of the following should David do next?
a. Perform Qualitative risk analysis
b. Perform Quantitative risk analysis
c. Identify Risks
d. Plan Risk responses

I chose answer C as per the processes sequence in the Risk Management; but the answer was marked to D.

Also, I think one can plan response to a risk once it is categorized,  Performed Quantitative and Quantitative analysis. So, I think the answer D has given by mistake. 

Any clarifications?










 Hi Jai,

your response looks correct. Risk register contains risk responses, so that should be referred. And for second one..next activity should be identify risks ... 


Thanks Sandeep for your very quick turn around. I was confident on my answer but the author's answers made bit confused me.

 Hi Jai:

   Your responses are correct.

In the first question, there isn't a Risk Response Plan as an output in the PMBOK. So the place to look for risk responses is the Risk Register.

In the second question, the next logical process after Plan Risk Management is Identify Risks. You can't develop risk responses if you don't identify risks first.



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1st question:Answer A is correct because here is secondary risk, it is known after doing risk response plan


2nd question:you look like doing correctly

Hi  duongt,

Why do you think its secondary risk?


 I don't think it's a secondary risk. 

The question does not explain that the risk was a result of implementing a risk response. So it cannot be assumed.

Therefore I believe it's Risk Register.


 p 303 11.5.2

q 1 -- A is acorrect

q 2 identify risk is correct

 Thanks, Pawar :)


PMBOK 11.5.3

Plan risk responses : outputs - Risk register update: In the plan risk response process, appropriate responses are chosen, agreed upon, and included in the risk register. The risk register should be written t a level of detail that corresponds with the priority ranking and the planned response.

Plan risk response is a process, and there is no output as Risk response plan.

Correct me if I am wrong. q1 - D should be correct answer




 it sounds really more correct