Resource leveling vs Resource Smoothing vs Fast Tracking

What is the difference between Resource Leveling, vs, Resource Smoothing, vs Fast Tracking.

I do understand Fast Tracking is a schedule compression. However, how and when do we consider it usually over Resource Leveling?

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Resource smoothing is a technique to optimize resources that does not allow for a change to the critical path, While Resource Levelling does allow change to critical path.

Resource smoothing is used when schedule is of importance and priority, say when the goal is to complete the work by the required date while avoiding peaks and valleys of resource demand.

Resource levelling technique considers the priority of the resource availability and may compromize on time if resources are not available. ‘With the resources available, when will the work be finished?’

In Practical situations a mix of levelling and smoothing will be used. 



See Video below from Saket, One of the active PMZillian.

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Resource Leveling - Leveling the resources to avoid overallocation of resources above the permitted time in a day.

Resource Smoothing - If there is a funding limit reconciliation enforced by the sponsor/customer then you have to smooth the resource usage to match it with the funding per period.

Fast tracking - its a schedule compression technique which is used to shorted the schedule by performing activities in parallel which are originally supposed to be done sequencially. This technique is applied when your SPI is < 1 and you dont have option to cut short the scope. Fast tracking and resource leveling are nowhere related.

Fast tracking adds to the risks due to performing the activities in parallel which were supposed to be done sequencially. 

Resource Smoothing:  Exchanging Critical Path Activity low-technical skills team memder replaced by non-critical activity high-end technical skills team member if available.  vice versa form different projects.

Am i correct?