request for PMroadtrip materials

Hi All,

Can someone please share the pdfs from pmroadtrip with me?  I neglected to save them locally thinking they would be online forever.  

My email is

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Frank G.


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 Even I also forgot let me know if get it or if I find it I will definitely would pass on to you.

 Hi .. I have the material that u need, not only that but i have much more like rita's simulator and 6th edition of her book.

I only can share with the one who can share the Andy crowes 4th edn with me, 

my email is


Dun min Plz 

 The problem is that you cannot find this book is because this book comes only in Hard Form and thats the only reason. The best way could be that some one Scan it and post it otherwise it's not possible to get a pdf.
But I am sure if we do get one , its definitely gonna be shared, in the mean time it would be really nice if you could share your stuff.


pmroadtrip was freely shared on -- you can see here that it was removed!/PMRoadTrip 

apparently, rita's simulator and 6th edition of her book and Andy crowes 4th edn ARE ALSO freely shared!

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I saw it someone shared online, it was hosted on mediafire. See if you find it, I'll keep checking it for you too.

thanks kan3  - i was able to find the chapter pdfs but no questions.  

just looking for the questions now.  I have ch12 questions but that's it.  any help would be appreciated.



**update**  using google cache i was able to find this


Link 1 


still no clue how to retrieve the pdfs thru google cache