Request guidance based on mock scores for PMP preparation

Dear Experts/Admin,

I am going to give my PMP exam very soon. I need to schedule the exam very soon. Based on my below mock scores could anyone please give guidance on how my preparation is? And what else should I prepare more?

I have read through PMBOK 2 times, once in details and second time I skimmed through it to brush up the concepts again.

I have read through Rita Mulchahy book 2 times. Average chapter scores were - 70-80%

Only solved chapterwise questions of headfirst - Average score - 80+%

Solved book of Seam Whitaker, found it ease - Score 80%

Below are the mocks which I gave:

1) Headfirst - 79%

2) (100 Quest) - 72%

3) Oliver Lehman (75 Quest) - 66%

4) Oliver Lehman (175 Quest) - 74%

5) PMZILLA 30 tough questions - 63%

6) izenbridge (100 quest) - 78%

7) PMZEST (100 free questons) - 65%

8) (50 Quest) - 62%

I have also bought PMZILLA's 200 tough questions book. I have solved bonus 100 questions for now and scored only 57% in that. Are the questions in this book have very high standard as compared to actual exam?

I have some more free sample mocks which I will give in next 2-3 days.

Hello Vineet,

You are progressing well and I see you are well prepared. If you have time read PMBOK and you may consider buying any mock test where you find questions to be tough and complex. Remember, you find more gaps from the mistake you do, so look for leaning now instead of scoring.

Good luck.
Rohit, PMP

Dear Rohit,

Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs. I am going through the PMBOK again :). I think will finish that by tomorrow. 

Yesterday I attempted the mock test of PMSTUDY and scored 78.29% in that. Will give simplilearm mock also now. 

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Hi Vineet, PMZilla Qs are on tough side , if you score around 55 % to 60% , its considerred to be good score. overall your test scores are good . Try to solve PMZilla Qs again. It will help you clear some knowledge gaps.