Renew Membership

Dear All...I have renewed my PMP membership, however my eligibility period for taking the exam in 1 year has expired, need to know if i need to fill the entire form like the first time? I have read on PMP site there is a similar small form that I need to fill? 

Please guide, coz i intend to take exam this June


Apologies: I had posted this question in general form, didnt get any trying my luck here.

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I took exam 26th Jul 2013.  First attempt Failed.  My PMP membership and eligibility period expires 20th May 2014.  I did not pay fee and not book the schedule exam.

On March 18th 2012 received mail from PMI saying that "PMI's economic exception pilot program Membership fees reduced to $65.

I responded that i will pay and renew my membership fees $65.

On Apr 19th 2014 received mail from PMI saying that offering extending eligibility period for 90 days, if take action now and pay fee by 30 Apr 2014.  

On 28th apr 2014 i paid my $65 membership fees and Exam fees $275.  Yesterday, received mail that my eligibility period extended upto 20th Aug 2014.  Thank god somhow got time to prepare.