Remember ITTO Easily


       I am also a PMP Aspirant. I found it very difficult to memorize the whole ITTOs. Finally I have found one application to check your ITTO memory very useful, Here you can check every ITTO of all the 42 Processes related with PMP. Hope This will be helpful to you all.


Download the flash ITTO Game  movie  here, you can play it with any browser but preferably Chrome.

Any other probs you can shoot a mail to me






This does not open<<<<


What is the way to open it?


 Have you downloaded the content in your desktop.

If you have downloaded pls open it with the help of mozilla/chroma browser only.

If you find any difficulty write to me.





Hey Reeta,


I did download the chrome. What is the link to get the ITTOs now?




 Simply right click on the object and open with mozilla/chroma. Or you can open Mozilla and go to file->open file ->locate your downloaded object and enjoy.......





I need the download link. It would be a great help if you may provide.

Thanks so very much...


Seems interesting, but it is not accepting any value as correct. Can u plz explain how to play with it. Thanks in advance.


i am unable to open ITTO.swf using firefox. Please help.


 Please refer new ITTOs Game base on PMBOK 5 th edition at

Best regards !

Thanks for posting on this thread again Nhuong. Brings back so many nice memories of my own PMP prep. :)

Indeed, I had found this ITTO game to be really helpful.

~ Diba



Memorizing ITTOs for 47 processes is not easy, and sometimes not really necessary but understanding is essential. You can download our free app PMP® Exam Mentor' to help you do that very easily and quickly. The app has all ITTOs of the process with cross-referencing between processes and terms. This enables a full understanding of the relations and provides where all each term is used in other processes. The best way to practice the sequential and logical arrangement of the ITTOs every day is to do as many mock questions as you possibly can. These questions can be retrieved from the app to improve your chances of successfully passing the exam without having to memorize the ITTOs.

You can download the app here: