Reflexion after exam (pass)

I don't post usually, but after using some of the resources here, I think is the right thing to do it if this can help someone... so hope it does.              I passed my exam to finish the year as PMP :) (got one MP and Ps).   I did the brain dump, but didn't use it (half of the use of brain dump is helping you relax in case you need them, so that's ok). All my exam was situational and it was key to read the lines to understand:

- which process are you in, what is missing, which tools you use in such process or phase.
- what is the PMI preferred approach, not what you would love to do
- what is the MOST correct anwser: when reading the question, I would be expecting a particular document or tool in the answer options, but that was not included... so you have to choose the next one more appropriate...
- which word might do all the difference (if you're in initiation phase you can take some actions different than when you're in planning).

I read somewhere than in 2016 PMI was focusing on closing and contracts and for me it was the case.

As to prepare... I read the book Heads First and then I used some notes posted on each phase which I complemented with: my notes after reading the bootcamp material I got + changes after reading something specific in the PMBOK.    Don't go by heart with any of the free material there, since it might contain errors, omissions, etc. I think it makes sense to read the material first, then read the summary of your notes.

On ITTOs, try to remember the key one for each process. So effectively what are you doing in this process, what is more useful for this, which processes need to be completed before. I discover the Vega diagram (I think that is the name) for this too late, but seems good for this purpose.

Practice. At least 5 full-lenght practice tests, from different sources, to get different type of questions. More than doing the test is understanding the responses.

Bootcamp, I found it better to have it in person than virtual. Plus the instructor gave me tips for the application.

Finally, sleep well night before, get there rested and ready to give it all. Check your time in the practice tests to pace yourself. I never used 4 hrs in the practice tests, yet I used full time in the actual exam.  Pace yourself> take a break, drink water, clear your mind, then come back to re-read your marked questions and you might see them differently. So practice enough to feel comfortable answering the exam in 3 hrs or so, then have plenty of time to review.

Thank you to all the people who create content here to help others prepare and do better.

Best of luck!

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Excellent. Thanks for sharing.