Recommendation on Live PMP prep class

After years of procrastination, I have registered for PMP exam in Feb 2018.
It has been really long time since I took courses to get the 35 PDUs.
So I want to take a good bootcamp class, around Dec or Jan of next year.

Can anyone please recommend me a good LIVE PMP bootcamp course?
I am currently considering PM Training. I found link to this company via PMI site, and it has schedule and budget that works for me.

However, i am finding mix reviews on PM Training.
Can anyone pleas share with me your experience?

Or can anyone recommend a GOOD Live PMP bootcamp class?
I do need the live interaction with instructor, as I find myself benefiting the most from this format of training. And my company requires that i select and pay for a course this month for accounting purposes.

Thank you!


It is a great idea to invest in PMP training again. And, I think, if money is not a concern, a live online training is the best choice. There are many benefits of doing the training again. For more on this you can look at the following article -

But, let us come to your specific question. I think PMTraining provides the best live online PMP training. I have reviewed and compared its course against other top courses. You can also read the review and comparison article here -

Having said that, if you still have any doubt you can write to me directly. Let me know what have you heard about PMTraining. Perhaps I could be of some help. You can contact me here -

All the best.


Hello Praveen,

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for your information.
For now it appears that PM Training meets my criteria (in terms of schedule and budget) so I would probably be opting for that one.

You have a great site, BTW. Thank you so much!


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