Realistic PMP Mock Exams

I have looked into few Paid PMP Mock exams and even bought the Mock Tests. PMtraining Mock exams seem quite easy and I am very sure that the real exam is not that easy and definitely would not have straightforward questions.

I would like to know which Mock exams (paid) are closest to the actual PMP exam that I should buy. I am not looking for the easy questions but the ones that are realistic and challenging.



If you are looking for tough/tricky questions go for You can even try PMZilla and Oliver tests. Make your mind not to look for high scores in these tests but you will have good learning. If time permits take a free test from PMStudy as well.

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Practice using this site . I have gained enough confidence to take this tough PMP certification exam.

Try it at

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I have written an article that does a detailed comparison of 7 popular PMP exam simulators. You can read and find out the best one - Best PMP Exam Simulator

PM Training is one of the recommended simulators, but you should read the complete article for other recommendations.