Real time PMP questions


I failed on planning in my recent PMP exam and notices most of them are real time based scenarios like 'What would u do"  if a situation happens.  Most of it could be 'open a change request'.

Is this right? 

Can u guide me with info on any question bank with real time scenarios.




You can start by reading this article - 9 Rules to Answer PMP Change Management Questions

Regarding mock tests

If you are looking for free tests then you can look at reliable sources for 3000+ free PMP sample questions.

But overtly relying on free question is not good. You should read this article - 13 Reasons to Invest in a Paid PMP Practice Exam

You can look at this article to find the detailed comparison of 6 popular PMP exam simulator.

Good luck.


I would highly recommend this website There are realistic questions and with answers provided. It is mobile friendly too. No registration required.

Try it at


Good luck.