Real PMP Exam

Hello all -

I have been visiting this website quiet some time but never had the need to post :) since most of the stuff I had questions about was already here.

Anycase, I am taking my PMP on Oct 17th. And I have been reading PMBOK, Rajesh's notes, Prashin's ITTO and ULTIMATE PMP guide. I did a couple of mock tests

Head first - 76%

PMStudy - 89%

And also am working on Rita's end chapters questions. But I notice that the questions in Rita's question big are very very long and very wordy. PMStudy mock questions were not that long.

For those who have taken PMP, are the questions really that long,tricky and wordy? If so, I will have to rethink my strategy :).

Oh and I began my prep on Sep 13th, registered with PMStudy - applied to PMI - registered for the exam on Sep 19th.

Could some of you please let me know if the questions in the real PMP will be as long as seen in Rita's end of the chapter questions?

When I took the mock exams, the questions in HF or PMStudy weren't as long as Rita's mock questions.

Thanks in advance,