real exam vs mock test (quality of questions, difficulty)

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As many here have already taken the exams or in the process of preparing for exams, from various sources (online, books, training material etc) of mock tests, I was wondering is someone has information on the mock tests, if they are similar & realistic to the real exam (in terms of level of difficulty and time available). I found many of the free exams online with lots of mistakes (contradicting what PMBOK suggests), gramatical and spelling mistakes in the questions (mildly anoying though), 5 choices of answers to select from (would prefer four as it may help with better time management strategy in the real exam) and some of them have questions pertaining to PMBOK4 (process names etc).

Until now I came across PMStudy, PM exam simulator, Exam central, BrainBOK and these practice tests seem which are fairly good (in terms of quality of questions), but I am still trying to figure out how these tests (easier, similar, harder) can be compared to the real exam. I am planning to purchase the mock tests soon. Appreciate your responses and suggestions.

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Every PMP has different perspective about mock exams. Generally people feel that the real exam is different from any mock test.  That is how it should be, because if any vendor has mock test exactly like PMP then it will be unfair and may raise many questions about PMP exam integrity

Read the LL and experiences shared by others in this forum and you will find some convergence on good mock tests.  The names you have mentioned are reputed and good.

PMZilla quesitons are also very good and helps in clearing the final PMP exam.

Dear –

I completely agree with admin here. I am in PMP profession for years and I see people asking this same questions and they try to compare the actual PMP exam questions with the mock tests available across. Practice tests should be seen from learning perspective only and the more you find gaps and learn from them, the better it is for you. PMP exam is a global exam and I see few people have well commented recently saying you will find mix questions which are simple, tough, confusing, diverting, lengthy for no reasons etc. The mock test you see and get from across are mostly by individuals or from a small group and they have their own ways to show you things. PMI team will have their own ways to frame questions. Both cannot be compared and should not be compared. As long as PMP exam questions remains mystery and hidden from everyone its value will remain in market. The day people will replicate PMP exam questions, the credibility will be lost. I see every available mock test from positive side that adds value because you read various minds with different taste and flavor from this professional industry expert.

Saket, PMP