Re imbursement policy


Can you all please suggest which PMP training provider has fast and easy reimbursement policy?



 Hi Nancy,

I believe you are from country US.

I have done some research and find out that PMstudy are really good and you may not even need the reimbursement  :)

I have already taken their online course and now willing to join their classroom PMP training.

All the best!!



Thanks for your reply.

Just wanted to check if the pass percentage of this provider is fine so that I need not get my fee reimbursed at all.


 Well, i dont know this, but is PMstudy is demanding openly then I believe it should be true.

 Hi Nancy,

By the research that I have done, I found out that the reimbursement policy of PMstudy is simpler as compared to others. But make a thorough research of PMstudy's as well as other providers policies before concluding on anything.


Hi Chris,

Went through couple of websites.Pmstudy looks promising.

Please share if you have any other inputs.

 Hi Nancy,

From my personal experience, I have found out that PMstudy's reimbursement policy is hassle free as they are very customer focussed.