Questions for your advices


I would like to know if the answer to the below questions are correct. Appreciate your kind guidance & advice if it is not. Many thanks in advance.

1. If a Project Manager Places a purchase order for an equipment, which of the following will represent it?



Investment on capital


Cash-out flow






Is the answer Investment on Capital? Kindly explain if it's not?


2. Which of the following is more efficient in handling complex projects involving cross-disciplinary efforts?



A Traditional Manager


An effective functional organization


Leading Project Managers


A strong functional organization


is the answer Leading Project Managers?



3. In which project phase do you have the GREATEST influence on project risk?


is the answer Execution? Kindly explain if it is not?



4. A project management professional can compare earned value performance data to all of the following project management tools EXCEPT:


Critical path analysis


Technical performance metrics


Risk mitigation plans


Forecasted final costs and schedule estimates


is the answer D? Kindly explain.


5. There have been several instances in the past one week where few circuits have not been accurate. You have been assigned the task of trying to determine the potential cause for the variations. You can do this using a (an):
A. Control Chart
B. Ishikawa Diagram
C. Pareto Diagram
D. Inspection

is the answer B (Ishikawa diagram determine the cause)? Kindly explain if it is not?


6. The measure used to forecast project cost at completion is:

is the answer A? Kindly explain.


7. An activity has an early start (ES) of day 3, a late start (LS) of day 13, an early finish (EF) of day 9 and a late finish (LF) of day 19. What is the duration of this activity?

A  3

B  6

C  7

D  10


This above question is taken from Rita FASTrack. The model answer is A. Shouldn't the answer be instead?



The below questions 8 & 9 are taken from Rita FASTrack. Model answer is highlighted in red. Both are asking the same questions, but their answers are contradicting. Which should be the right answer?

8. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate thing to do during the executing process group?

A  Reevaluate the project’s business case when a severe problem occurs.

B  Recommend updates to Project Management Plan.

C  Recalculate how the project will take.

D  Determine if project control needs to be updated.




9. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate thing to do during the executing process group?

A  Forecasting when next milestone is completed.

B  Recommend updates to Project Management Plan.

C  Recalculate how long project will take.

D  Determine if project controls need to be updated.




10. Which one of the following is not essential in creating an effective stakeholder management?


Timely status information


Definition of clear requirements


Frequent cost report

     D.) Scope change control


is the answer C? Kindly explain.



11. Your customer calls you on the phone and informs you of a minor change to a requirement on the project. What is the best thing to do?

    1. Analyze the request and its consequences on the project.
    2. Instruct your engineer to implement this minor change.
    3. Request a documentation for this change.
    4. Note it in the weekly status report.


Model answer is C. Shouldn't it be A? My rationale is PM should always analyse the request and its consequences first before deciding the next action.



12. You complain to your supervisor that you cannot do your job properly because there are several issues outside of your span of control. Your manager discusses your problems. 48 hours later your manager had the issues resolved. This is an example of:






A Theory Y manager


Management by Objectives


is the answer A (ie your supervisor resolve the problem through his Power as a supervisor)? But i saw the answer somewhere was C. Is it C or A? Kindly explain.


13. A project schedule completion date will change if:
A. The critical path is reduced. 
B. The contingency is no longer available.
C. No float time is available.
D. Project resources are reduced.


is the answer A or D? Kindly explain.

Looking forward to your explanation and guidance. And many thanks in advance for your inputs.

Best Regards.