Questions on Different subject areas

Hi All,

Could someone explain in detail or provide reference/articles to the following topics:

a) Difference between Schedule Baseline and Project Schedule.

b) Difference between Analogous Estimating and Parametric Estimating.

c) I understand the Earned Value Management formulas but what is the difference conceptually between Earned Value VS Performance Reviews VS Variance Analysis?

d) I understand that the objective of Distribute information process in Communication Management is to distribute performance reports to the stakeholders. What I dont understand is that as per PMBOK's wordings, the Report Performance process also does the same thing. So I cannot decipher the difference between the two processes.

e) Difference between attribute sampling and variable sampling.

f) Difference between or an article on Resource Calendars, Resource Breakdown structures and Resource Histogram.




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a) baseline is first finalized version. So Schedule baseline is what was finalized, then you can revise the baseline based on changes and create a new version which will be again baselined. Project schedule is that is mentioned in schedule baseline.

b) Analogous is what is based on experience with similar projects. Parametric is when you say that I took 3 years to complete project x which was of Y size. , Now the new project is of size Y+Z so I will take X+? to complete the new project. Here you are using historical data for calculating the new estimates . In analogous, there wont be extrapolation

C) Variance analysis is used in a controlling process to check the deviation from the planned value or baseline. EV and performance reviews you can refer to pmbok, its explainatory

d) Its almost the same.... in fact the two process can be merged. Distribute information as the name says is not limited to just reporting, it can be any information relevant to project




Hi Admin,


Thanks for your repsonse. however I still have a couple of question with regards to the first two points:

a) Does it mean that schedule baseline and project schedule are the same since I understand what rebaselining means but still dont quite get the diff. between the two?

b) Both analogous and parametric estimating make use of historical information of past projects. so it kindof still difficult to know the difference between the two.