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 Pls help me understanding the answer ?????


1. You are managing an infrastructure project which is nearing completion when a 

major stakeholder points out a flaw in the design which could make the entire structure 

weak. He suggests you construct two support pillars which would provide the necessary 

support. You are worried that this change could impact the schedule and cost of the 

project significantly. What is your BEST response to the stakeholder? 

Refuse him as the project is already nearing completion and it's not possible to make any 

changes at this stage 

Do a Root cause analysis with the team to determine how this design flaw could have 

been missed and if there could be more potential problems with the design 

Proceed with the change and communicate the impact on project schedule and cost to the 


Use a schedule compression technique as part of integrated change control to investigate 

and minimize the adverse impact of the change 



Answer (d) Use a schedule compression technique as part of integrated change control to 

investigate and minimize adverse impact of the change. Schedule compression technique 

is useful not only during project planning to see if the desired completion date can be met 

but also during integrated change control to look at the schedule impacts of changes to 

time ,cost ,scope, or risk . Option (b) though seems to be in good faith, but doesn't address 

the immediate problem. Option(c) should be done once all the alternatives are explored to 

minimize the adverse effect of the change on the project schedule and other constraints.

2. Which of the following does not signify the obstacles to effective delegation of authority?

  •  Unwillingness of the manager to delegate authority
  •  Fear of competition
  •  Lack of confidence in subordinates
  •  Unwillingness of the subordinate to delegate authority

How it is so ?


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In the first question, try to understand the criticality of the situation. The design can make the entire structure weak, so first thing you must decide is that 1) You must act on this suggestion as it seems critical. So rejecting the change is not an option. Which rules out first option

Now that you know change is to be made you need to get required approvals , which rules out option 3.

Doing RCA is also important, but that is not directly addressing the situation. Option 2 can be done but after Option 4

So since the project is near completion, you try to minimize the adverse impact of change and you are going through ICC process which is correct way to proceed.


Question 2 - I am not sure what explaination is required, seems self explainatory. Sub-ordinates unwillingness to delegate is not an obstacle to you delegating, Right ?

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