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As per PMBOK and PMI here is the Breakdown of % based on Process Groups

Intiate - 13%

Planning -24%

Executing - 30%

M&C - 25%

Closing - 8%

Question is where does PM processes, PM Framework come in the above  breakdown?



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Not sure what your question is, PM process will depend upon the above phases,and will be part of one of the above

Framework is a part of Initiating process group - SECTION I  CH 1 & 2 --- Initiating processGroup 

SECTION II & III - CH 3  TO 12 - ALL divided in 5 groups as per table p 43.

Got it!!!

Have you gone through this book -- 20pages a PMI publication


PMP Examination Content Outline_2010.ashx 



It tells all what you needed

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 Thanks for sharing this info.

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