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Question: You are in the process developing a project schedule for repainting your house. In order to repaint your house, you first need to scrape off the existing paint, and then add a layer of primer. The primer provides the paint a better
bonding surface so it sticks to the base material much better. Without priming, drywall surfaces will soak up more finish paint in some areas than in others, producing a splotchy effect.
 You decided to speed up the process by starting priming before all the scraping is finished. However, once the primer is applied, you must wait until the primer dries before adding on the actual paint. You estimate that it will take 8 hours for the primer to dry. To correctly sequence these activities, which of the following should you do?

(A) Add a lead time to the priming task with respect to scraping, and a lag time to the priming task with respect to
(B) Add a lead time to the priming task with respect to scraping, and a lead time to the priming task with respect
to painting
(C) Add a lag time to the priming task with respect to scraping, and a lead time to the priming task with respect to
(D) Add a lag time to the priming task with respect to scraping, and a lag time to the priming task with respect to

Question: You are a project manager at a large automobile manufacturer. The company is investigating whether to open a new manufacturing plant in China to reduce overall manufacturing costs. The project requires a $150M initial investment and will take 5 years to complete. After 5 years, the projected savings from the project will be $35M a year indefinitely. 
The company recently issued convertible bonds at 8% to fund the new project. Each bond is convertible into 5 shares of stock. The company already has $140M in equity and $170M in debt. The company cost of equity is 15%. The company tax rate is 35%.
 After comparing the project savings against the cost of capital and project risks, the project steering committee has approved the project. The project charter has just been issued, assigning you as the project manager for the project. What is your BEST next step?

(A) identify alternatives and different approaches to execute and perform the work of the project
(B) determine whose interests should be taken into account throughout the project.
(C) analyze the project risks
(D) define and document stakeholders' needs to meet the project objectives

Question:According to the PMI, who should develop the project charter?

(A) The customer
(B) Project sponsor that is part of the project organization
(C) Project initiator external to the project organization
(D) The project manager

Question:Which of the following statements regarding configuration management systems is LEAST true?

(A) Configuration management systems provide mechanisms to manage risks and implement risk response
(B) Configuration management systems establish a method to consistently identify and request changes to
established baselines
(C) Configuration management systems provides opportunities to improve project by considering impact of
(D) Configuration management systems provide mechanisms to communicate changes to all stakeholders

Question: All of the following statements regarding Control Accounts are true EXCEPT:

(A) A control account is an assigned WBS level used to monitor cost and schedule performance of significant
element of work
(B) Each work package / planning package may be associated with only one control account
(C) None of the choices are correct
(D) Control accounts are also referred to as cost accounts

c d b a d

A, D, B, D, C

1. A


2. B


3. C


4. A


5. C



N/Q                 1          2          3          4          5

SSP                  c           d          b          a          d

KKR                  a          b          c           a          c

KRT                  a          d          c           c          d

RAM                 a          d          b          d           c

                        RJK                  a           b          c          a           c

RVD/RtAns                    awaited


  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. A
  5. C


You both got all correct.

Here are the answers:

  1. A

  2. B

  3. C

  4. A

  5. C



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Thanks Ravi,Rajesh, and KK

Since my score is 1/5, But I am not nervous that I would be so low.

I want to say something unaccepble things but later u will judge at your level these would be right

  1. Last Question,-  Cost account is no where in PMBOK associated with Control account. Not only this No where is such litrature which can prove that option D is correct.
  2. Q3  - refer 1st para p74 of PMBOK- it validate the option  B. Charter devloper (athourity) will be external to the project but within the organization.
  3. Q2  -- Your ans is B- will be best next step- will run through out the project cycle, then when you will take the 3rd step.Any way as per PMBOK just after Preparing or handing over Project charter to PM, Identification of stakeholder will be best step, so that for planning purposes you can collect the requirement from stakeholdrs.
  4. Q1 -  If I will simplify this Q - it will be like this

                      scraping , priming and painting are the 3 activities, to paint a wall.

as per question at any place of wall surface - scraping will be done first then priming will be done then painting will be done.

To accelerate the work all activities can be started at a time with certain interval to next sequencial(successor) activity.

Q saying that priming will be started , before all scraping finished, it means scaping will be started first, but before it gets finish a very early point of time Priming will be started.And then after drying of priming,  that paint should be started sufficient before of finishing primer ..

Now Option

A -saying priming will be started 1st  .then scraping. ---- wrong sequence

See Option C =priming will be started later then scraping would be  started , and painting will be started in last but very before of completion of primting.


From where this series was taken, can you give the explanation.





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Instead of finding faults in the surroundings, I would suggest to find the knowledge gaps within oneself. This would do a world of good to you respected Pawarji Sir and all of us.


The questions which RD or I are posting is not the be-all and end-all. You shall excel with or without referring to it respected Pawarji Sir.


It does not matter who is right, you, me, SS, Rajesh, Diba, RD, Karthik or who. Ultimately what matters is one's own knowledge coupled with reasoning in which you are anyway over the top, respected Pawarji Sir. PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI, as they say!


Ideally, our motive should be to guide self and others  to pass the exam. Rest are just add-ons.


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Hi All,

Here are the explainations for correct answers:

1: You decided to start priming, even before scraping is fully completed. Hence, you'll need to add a lead time to the priming tasks WITH RESPECT TO SCRAPING. On the other hand, once the primer is applied, you must wait for the primer to dry before applying the paint. Hence, you'll need to add a lag time to the priming tasks WITH RESPECT TO PAINTING.

2: Once the project charter is issued, the next BEST course of action is to identify the
stakeholders. This process documents relevant information regarding their INTRESTS, INVOLVEMENT and IMPACT on project success.
On the other hand, Collect Requirements process involves DEFINING AND DOCUMENTING stakeholder's NEEDS.

4: A project sponsor external to the project organization should publish the project charter. " A project initiator or sponsor external to the project organization , at a level that is appropriate to funding the project, issues the project charter."
Projects are usually chartered and authorized external to the project organization
by an enterprise, a governmental agency, a company, a program organization, or a portfolio organization.

5: Control accounts are a management control point
for cost summarization, scope description, and variance analysis & reporting, responsibility assignment, and corrective action planning. Each Control account contains one or more work packages and planning packages, but each work package / planning package may be associated with only one control account. CONTROL ACCOUNTS are also referred to as COST ACCOUNTS.


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KK is right I should not involve too much in finding faults, rather to aiming how to crash PMP test.

henceforth I will keep control,

This is my last comment, so I am completing here:

for q 1 - If I am understanding English well and following PMBOK sense: please look once my blog at

for q2,and q5 - I do not require say too much.

for q3  ---- PMO is not from a seperate organization, etc etc.



Front Cover by KIM HELDMAN P 203 --

According to the PMBOK® Guide, this plan includes, but is not limited to, the following elements:

§  Level of accuracy This refers to the precision level you'll use to round activity estimates—for example, hundreds, thousands, and so on. Level of accuracy is based on the scope and complexity of the activities and the project itself.

§  Units of measure This refers to the unit of measure you'll use to estimate resources—for example, hours, days, weeks, or a lump sum amount.

§  Organizational procedures links In Chapter 3, we talked about the WBS and the identifiers associated with each component of the WBS. These identifiers are called the code of accounts. A control account (CA) is a point where several factors such as actual cost, schedule, and scope can be used to determine earned value performance measures. (We'll talk more about earned value in Chapter 10, "Measuring and Controlling Project Performance"). The control account is used in the Project Cost Management Knowledge Area to monitor and control project costs. The control account is typically associated with the work package level of the WBS, but there could be control accounts established at any level of the WBS. The control account also has a unique identifier that's linked to the organization's accounting system, sometimes known as a chart of accounts.

Exam Spotlight

The project cost management plan is established using the WBS and its associated control accounts.



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