Question regarding my PMP Application Audit

Dear Fellow members,

I have a question regarding my PMP application Audit... I have submitted my application last week, it was selected for an Audit.. In the Audit I was asked to submit the PM education experience certificate. by mistake I  mentioned it as 40 hrs in the application, Unfortunately I have only 36hrs of credentials in the certificate provided by the R.E.P. Will PMI Reject my application as there is a discrepancy in the hours mentioned in the application ?

Kindly help me in this regard.






Since you met the minimum 35 hours requirement, your misstatement may not be viewed as serious false statement.  The audit process reviews the rest like 3 years of Project Management experience, education etc.  Present all your credentials and if everything else is in order and the responses from your contact persons confirm your credentials and experience, you should not worry for this minor aberration.


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Dear  Chandra, 

Thanks for your guidance !! .. much appreciated, big mind relief for me. lemme concentrate on other preparation. thanks again for your help.





Dear Uday,

Don't relax yet.  I am not the authority on this.  I expressed my wishful thinking but you have to be fully prepared for the worst case scenario.  Gold Plating is never a cup of Coffee or Tea for PMI and PMI puts lot of emphasis on Social responsibilities and ethics and ignorance is not pardoned.  You have to be ready for explanation and supporting documents for all picky queries.  What can you do now?  In life, we do lot of things and for some of them we don't attach lot of importance and don't claim and take credit for those.  Now it is time to think deeply and get to the bottom.  e.g.

1) Did u attend any class room training in your organization or else where for at least 5 hours on learning M. S. Project software?  If so, list the dates, who gave you the training and for how many hours?

2) Did you attend any training to use a software application on how to log the time you worked on each project?  If so, document it now

3) Did you attend any training on how to make a purchase requisition and how to route it through different levels of approval?  If so document it.

4) Did you attend any training on how to make a change request and route it through proper channels for processing?  If so document it now.

5) Did you attend any Six Sigma green belt /black belt training?

6)  Did u attend any other training that I did not cover above but falls under the jurisdiction of Project Management?

7) If one of the above or a combination of the above add to 5 hours of class room training?

Things like these you never thought of so far will come to your rescue and you can come out clean and with flying colors

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@ Chandra,

You made the poor boy stand in his chair and then showed him all the tricks and available methods to cover his 5 hours mistake.

That was a great explanation and I really like it.


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