Question - Project charter change

Who can approve of changes to any of the primary constraints on your project such as scope, budget, or timeline?

a. The Change Control Board 
b. The sponsor
c. Senior management
d. Key stakeholders

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Change control board - it can have sponsor, Sr. management as required on the board.

Only project sponsor can change Project Charter. Sponsor could be in CCB, sr. management and can also be key stakeholder but as per PMBOK, only sponsor can change charter.

Sponsor may/may not be part of CCB. Hence Sponsor must approve any change to Charter. Do you remember who signed charter? Any signed document cannot be changed by others :-)

Correct answer is change control board.

Project charter includes High level requirement. It does not have scope. Scope is defined in Project management plan.This question pertains to project management plan.(It has scope,budget & timeline).In PMP exam -No question has title like Projct charter change or schedule change. It is the understanding of individual.




Correct.  As per the question, the answer is CCB.

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