Question : Paid Question Bank for Post-Nov-2015-Syllabus

What are some of the best online question banks ?

( I searched this forum for answers before posting this question).

Here is my criteria -

1) I do not mind paying

2) I want to be able to customize each practice test (number of questions, knowledge area, process group wise, difficulty-level etc).

3) Must be web-Browser-based (requiring no installation on my laptop).

4) Modelled after real PMP exam



I am not sure if you can get any PMP exam practice portals where you can customized so many things (your point 2). I have few recommendations based on my experience:

1. Rita Fast Track: You can take exam questions based on knowledge areas and also choose high complex questions (super PMP). This will require installation on your Laptop.

2. You can design tests of 100Q sets or 200Q sets. However they only provide mix type questions (mock test only). This is web based.

3. and is paper based tests.

I passed PMP exam around an year before, you might find my LL useful:



You can download our free app 'PMP Exam Mentor' for content about all the 5 Process Groups and 10 Knowledge Areas, Project Framework topics, formulas, and tips. You can then revise your knowledge with our 688 free flashcards and 1200 questions to practice extensively. 

1) It is free and you do not have to pay

2) You can customize each practice test (number of questions and knowledge area wise).

3) You can download the app on your phone or laptop (windows app store)

4) It is modelled after real PMP exam

You can download it here

Good luck with your studies

If you are looking for free tests then, you can find 3000+ questions here -

I would suggest that you read this article before buying practice Exam questions - 13 Reasons to Invest in a Paid PMP Practice Exam