Question on integration management

Question 2: The project has been running smoothly; initiation phase is complete and the team is working on all aspects of planning. You had meetings with stakeholders several times to collect requirements and as a result, requirements documentation is almost complete, as are high-level and detailed design documents. As construction begins on the project, several stakeholders have indicated the need for changes to the requirements set. They are claiming these elements were missed in the initial requirements collection process, and they want you to add these elements to the project immediately. You perform an impact assessment and get it back to them only to hear that they are not going to allow any changes in the project budget or the timeline to complete these additional elements. What is the most effective tool that you could use to prevent this instance of scope creep?

a. Change control system
b. Configuration management system
c. Murder Board
d. Work Authorization System 

This question is taken from As per the author, the answer is work authorization system but I think the right answer is change control system.


Question 3: Which of the following is true about change requests that result in corrective or preventive actions

a. They result in changes to scope
b. They result in changes to the project plan
c. They significantly increase risk
d. They do not usually affect project baselines 

This question is taken from As per the author, the answer is d but I think the right answer is b.

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Q1 I feel its vague, such questions will not come in exam. 

Q2.  What is your basis for selecting b

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