Question on contract change


After awarding contract to one of the sellers, you realize you have missed a clause for the delay in the contract and want to modify it. how should you proceed further ?

A ) Contract is legally binding and cannot be changed once signed

b ) Project manager should inform the seller about the change in the next meeting

c ) project manager should inform the seller about the change though a formal written communication

d ) project manager should proceed with contract change control system at his end

what do you think it is and why ?





I think C is the correct answer. Since you have missed the clause, you should inform seller about it and do it through formal written communication. A is not right as contract can be changed if required, but D is not right as that is unfair to Seller. B is not the best choice as verbal communication is not desired when dealing with vendors.

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Yes, C is the best answer

A is simply not true, you can change the contract with all parties agreement

D is simply a disaster waiting to happens. By changing the contract as one wishes, you will simply disrespect the seller and they might not agree with the change

B and C is basically the same with a different on the way you communicate and when you communicate. Since the changes in a contract is a formal and legal activity, you might want to use the most formal form of communication, which is a formal written communication.


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Simplilearn says answer is D)


In control procurement we have a tool called :

contract change control system

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Oopps, my bad. I wasn't paid enough attention on the answer D.

In PMBOK page 383, it said that the Change Control System is integrated with the integrated change control system. Because of that, changes in contract needs to go through proper change control process. So I revised my answer to D.