Question on Conflict Management

Hi Team,

Got confusion in following question from PM-ABC test:

If you want to have a long-lasting win-win resolution to solve project's conflict, which of the
following would be the best approach?

1. Withdrawal
2. Forcing
3. Co-operation
4. Soothing

They mention (3) as answer with explanation - Soothing, withdrawal and forcing are not good methods of resolving disputes, only cooperation can be a good approach.

But I think answer should be (2) as Co-operation is make up term and is not mentioned as technique of conflict management. Also, in rest of options, only forcing can yield some resolution(even though win-loose resolution) as withdrawing & soothing is no solution option.


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I think out of the choices mentioned co-operation is best answer.  May not be mentioned in PMBoK.

Forcing is not a good option. It will create issues in long term and short term. Proper reasoning and explaination is key in conflict resolution. Even if you choose to withdraw in a conflict you explain why you are doing so.  The intent should be communicated.

Even in an atmosphere of conflict if you can bring in co-operation and win-win solution that would be the best.

Hi admin,

Even I agree co-operation is best answer but my point is if co-operation is make up term. Based on what I learned from various tests, I would never choose this option in exam. Please let me know if I am wrong here.