A question about verifying scope

Why "Requirements documentation" and "Requirements traceability matrix" are an input to Verify Scope process and not "Scope Baseline" or at least "Project Scope Statement"?

When you want to verify something shouldn't you compare it with original which in this case is scope baseline?

Same is the case with Control Scope process.

but in short

when you are verifying something like your assignement. you cant compare it by the same.

you requires college notes lectures books and old ass'nts etc.


when verifying scope or control scope you VERYFY COMPARE OR ANALYSE by requirements documents or RTM not exactly the same SCOPE BASELINE OR SCOPE STATEMENT OR SCOPE,

Sorry I did not get this. Scope is what we agree with customer and not requirements.

Not all requirements become part of scope because a customer can say anything but we do not have to do everything. Only those requirements which become part of scope are binding.

It's because when you verify the scope (i.e, accept the final deliverables), you would need to look into the requirement documents to make sure all the requirements documented are covered by the final product.

I can see where you're coming from and you make a good point about the scope baseline, but in this situation, requirements would need to verified, not the scope.

Also, I would say we agree to the requirements, not the scope. Scope is what is included and what is excluded and that's a high level. Requirements is when you drill down and which form the basis of deliverables.


No we do not fullfil all requirements mentioned in requirements document but only those which are in scope because like I said not all requirements come into scope baseline.

For e.g. a customer sends me requirement that I want to build a website that can cater 100,000 users in a minute. After analyzing I suggest him that you do not need such huge number because of the nature of your website. So he agrees that instead of 100,000 users, 10,000 users per minute would be fine. Now this figure becomes part of scope and not the original one.

Please refer about what are the components of REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENTATION on P110, PMBOK.

Sequence  - Collect requirements ->  Define scope (PSS) -> Verify Scope

PSS + WBS + WBS DICT= Scope Base Line

PSS is output of Define Scope

You're right, not all requirements go not into the scope baseline, but the requirements reflected in the requirements documentation and the traceability matrix are of course in scope. None of the out of scope requirements would be documented in the final requirements document. Hence during the verify scope process, the requirements documents would certainly be an input.

Verify Scope process does use Scope Baseline [Part of Project Management plan which is input to Verify Scope]. Apart from using the Scope baseline, usage of TD & RTM is also important while the deliverables are inspected/accepted by customer/sponsor. RD/RTM contains all the requirements that are gathered during requirement gathering process. Even if some requirements are out of scope, they will not be deleted from RD/RTM instead the status will be updated in matrix as out of scope/not applicable. But these out of scope items will not be present in Scope statement/WBS/WBS dictionary. 


Now during Verify scope process, it is important to ensure/inspect the items which were made as "Out of scope" are not delivered to the customer. Please note that delivery more than what is expected is also a project failure as per PMBOK and these deliverables should not be accepted by the customer.


I hope this clears. Cheers.

This is EXACTLY what I thought that since PMP is there hence Scope Baseline is also there because SB is part of PMP. Your rest of the point about RD and RTM is also true.

it is now clear in all respect.

Are you sure RD/RTM contains all the requirements that are gathered during requirement gathering process? I don't think that's the case. RD and RTM only contains the requirements which are in scope. All other requirements are collected but they are not included in the final RD and RTM.

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