Question about Network Diagramming


I have been studying network diagramming techiniques from several different sources. They all seem to differ on the start date - some start with day 0, and some start with day 1.

Starting with Day 0 is much easier to calculate. So my questions is to anyone out there that has taken the exam recently; did the network diagramming examples or questions start with day 1, or day 0?

I dont want to go down the wrong rabbit hole.


Both methods are valid, and in the end the results are the same, in there is a good pdf explanation by Jeffrey S. Nielsen, PMP. This tool is available for free, if you already have the Rita's book. Just log in, click "tips>Calculating Forward / Backward Pass

Good luck!

 Thanks. Yes, I have used them both and have found that both arrive at the end result. I was just wondering if the exam started with day 0 or day 1.

thanks again

The network diagram will make the whole process easy to understand. A lot of presentation are using this one. - Phillip Elden