Your boss advises you that your final project schedule and budget must be ready to present to the executive steering committee at a meeting later this week. A draft schedule has been completed based on estimates provided by your team. However, they have not yet had a chance to review the schedule to be sure their estimates are appropriate and realistic. Timing constraints make it impossible to complete this review before the meeting. What is the best approach?

  1. Present the estimate to your boss first and explain the basis of estimate.

  2. Declare the faulty estimate to the executive steering committee.

  3. Present the estimate in the meeting as a rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimate with an accuracy range of plus/minus 5%

  4. Deny the request to present the estimate to the executive steering committee.



What is the answer and why, please.






We need to pick the D only, very situation based .As we may not agree on one answer as group and deny is the best option at that situation. Discussion with your boss may not help as you have to present the information in front of your steering commitee.


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Practically I would have presented the estimate with % confidence on the estimate and would have explained that we need more time for review.

IN this case D seems to be the closet to what can be done. Other options dont fit in.