Breaking down project activities into smaller components in order to obtain a more accurate cost estimate is called:

1. Work breakdown structure

2. Analogous estimating

3. Decomposition

4. Bottom-up estimating

A 1.

Definition of WBS, decomposition is a tool used to perform this activity so answer is 1

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Is it not 3. Decomposition ?

'Breaking down' project activities...... is called ?

Decomposition is correct answer.WBS is o/p

I just solved this one by mistake so I understand what you mean

WBS is for scope whereas to obtain the cost "budget: Bottom-up estimating is used in cost

Here he was asking about cost

Here ,what I understand is that the question is asking for the Tools & Technique. So , Option # 3. Decomposition , should be the BEST choice.

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It should be 4. Bottom-up estimating, coz, he's concerned with cost and breaking down activities further will help in analyzing cost for individual components that can further be rolled up to get the complete project estimates.

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Bottom-up estimation requires the project manager to know what the smallest tasks are, decomposition is a prerequisite for it.

In bottom-up estimating, each task is broken down into smaller components. Then, individual estimates are developed to determine what specifically is needed to meet the requirements of each of these smaller components of the work. The estimates for the smaller individual components are then aggregated to develop a larger estimate for the entire task as a whole. In doing this, the estimate for the task as a whole is typically far more accurate

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