is PTA. theory X, Y, Z Hygiene theory part of Course as not given in PMBOK

many things are given in Rita but not in PMBOK.

are they part of the course?

PMI institute does not mention anywhere that they are going to ask each and every question from PMBOK. PMI have a big team who frames PMP questions and we cannot ignore the facts that few questions can be based on some standard project management practices that are outside PMBOK.

Now, these “Outside PMBOK” questions would be very few, say less than 5% if at all you are unlucky to find such questions. You can ignore things outside PMBOK if you want to pass PMP exam, however reading some standard project management practices that are outside PMBOK is not a bad deal either.

Saket, PMP

 That is so true. I found that out while taking dozens of practice tests. I took the PMP yesterday and passed the first time!

ejiro PMP

 U're right. Your response make a lot of sense.

Wow, Saket Sir is back here after long time. Well said and 100% true.

Thanks & Regards,
Vinay Kumar

 I had questions in the hygiene factors, PTA, conflict solutions: confrontation, withdraw, etc. just study them and their meaning. 

 I got answers from google and Wikipedia 

 well, get answers from the PMBoK. When in the exam, put the PMI hat on. Forget about google or Wikipedia. 

Good luck :) 

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Read this page and see the embedded video