PSM1 Exam Preparation

I have obtained PMP and was preparing for the PSM 1 exam. I studied the Scrum Guide, constantly get 100% for the Open Assessment. However, I got 75% and 77% for two attempts. Are there any recommended materials I can read before trying the 3rd attempt? Thanks.

Dear reeves,

Please don't loose heart. PSM is a tough test and intentionally kept that way. I failed on my first attempt too.

I recommend you to write to asking for the feedback on your answers. Though, they won't exactly tell you which questions you got wrong, they will provide a summary of the 'areas' where didn't score well. 

After that, please do the following:

- Scrum Guide and Open Assessment aren't enough. You may want to go through forum and read through some of the most discussed threads.

- Scrum Narrative and PSM Exam Guide by Mohammed Musthafa Soukath Ali is a must. It helped me to "get" Scrum fundamentals much easier than other books and practice several good questions.

- Just revise the book, forum threads, and Scrum Guide over again

You are going to make it pal this time! All the best

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We do very good program on PSM, which makes you ready for PSM 1, most of our client score more than 90% after going though it.