Project terminated vs Closed

PMP experts, how do you know if project was terminated early or finished successfully? 

Lehmann's Q:


92. Post-mortem analysis after scheduled finish date of a project shows a CPI of 0.8 and an SPI of 1.25. What is a plausible explanation for that?



The project was terminated early. At that time, it was over budget and ahead of schedule.


The project has produced additional deliverables which were originally not required.


The project has evidently been finished under budget and behind of schedule.


The project has evidently been finished over budget and ahead of schedule


Last week when I did this exam I had the same issue with this question,,, the answer is A and just by the "Post-mortem analysis" could be two correct answers, but is A.

 but how does one understand whether a project has been 'finished successfully' or 'terminated before full scope delivery' just by looking at the CPI and SPI?

 By definition, the SPI at the end of the contract is 1.0 because all of the planned work is completed.

You are evaluating the question after schedule finish date, but  still it has SPI of 1.25 ,  it means the project is not completed or terminated.

Hope this helps.


literally, mortim means dead. The word mortim or termination cannot be used in any way to a project closure if it has to refer to a project completion closure. Thus, when we say post-mortim - this means "after termination". Now, considering the other two conditions stated, CPI = 0.8 that is CPI <1 means over budget; and SPI = 1.25 that is SPI > 1 means ahead of schedule. Now, refering to the given choices, then only Choice A is the best matching the condition of the question.

As simple as that..