project Performance and team retention

How Project management will help in over all project performance & team retention If there are technical glitches , attrition is high.




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 Good question John and some thing which is very common in projects. What you are saying is that there are technical glitches, however I will put it slightly differently. Maybe the team's capablity to resolve technical glitches is not that good or capable. 

If that is the case then there are number of things a PM can do


  1. Arrange for trainings based on past glitches and how it similar situations can be handled. It also means having good knowledge management practices, thereby knowledge is shared with all team members
  2. Keep trying and get 1 or 2 experts into the team who can be torch bearers
  3. Do Root cause analysis and try to resolve the root cause of issues so they do not occur again


Attrition is more of people management domain, where by , PM must know how to keep the team motivated 

  • Ensure that team members have good work and enough work
  • Appreciation as daily routine
  • Keep aspiration tracker for team members and try to meet them as much as possible. Give promises that you can keep, which will set positive spiral
  • Be a good leader, lead by example. 
  • Ensure you are always fair to all team members, never criticize anyone or complain about anything. 

does this help ??

 Thank you for the answer

The performance of the team is going to be monitored. People really keen on having this one since this is going to benefit a lot of people. - Paul Savramis