Project management interview questions

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Project management Interview questions

A collection of good interview questions. Post your's here if you have faced some challenging interviews.


  1. How did you handle non-productive team members

  2. How can you meet your team’s aspirations

  3. When team member complains that he /she does not want to work on an important project, how will you convince

  4. Did you have any diversity related issues, how did you handle it.

  5. When two equally performing team members deserve promotion, how will you decide.?

  6. When the team is burned out or demotivated, how will you handle the situation ?

  7. How will you deal with team members who have constant conflict with each other

  8. Will you intervene in every conflict ? If not mention which ones you will keep away from

  9. When a team member comes up with better idea of doing something, but there is additional cost involved, how will you handle the situation.

  10. Explain if you have played a part in building a motivated team. What are the important aspects of performing team.

  11. How will you handle the churn in your project team.

  12. What will you do to increase effectiveness of your team members.

  13. Have you hired employees, how do you go about interviewing them.


Project delivery

  1. Any special projects that you have handled delivered which were complex.

  2. When outsourcing work to a vendor what are key risks that you will consider

  3. Is there a situation when you identified some important risk in your project and explain how did you mitigate it.

  4. Client is getting wild since the project is running behind schedule , how will you handle this situation.

  5. Client is complaining that the current technical design is not taking into account the non-functional aspects, How will you handle this situation.

  6. How will you ensure the quality of your deliverables?

  7. Did you prepare a communication plan or Knowledge management plan ? What goes in that?

  8. What are the symptoms of project failing or going south.

  9. Give an example of how did you plan for a large project

  10. When assigned a project, what are the top three things you check .

  11. When your project is having budget issues and you know that client does not have any more money, what will you do ?

  12. Your project is slipping behind schedule week after week, and there is no way you can control the slippage, what will you do in such situations.

  13. How important it is to manage stakeholders in a project.

  14. When your project is going to be delayed due to internal or external dependencies, how will you manage it ?. What will you communicate to your sponsor.

  15. Did you track contractual commitments during project execution ?.

  16. Your project has many risks and its almost certain that it will not meet the schedule, what will you do in such cases.

  17. How will you effectively close a project.

  18. If the customer wants to terminate the project midway, what are the things to take care of for effective closure.


  1. Why are you leaving your current job

  2. Do you think this new job meets your career goals ? Explain how they are aligned

  3. What excites you about this job

  4. Why do you think you will be able to perform better than others in this new job.

  5. What are you major accomplishments as PM

  6. Have you been in a stressful situation. ? How did you come out of that.

  7. Did you have to take any tough decisions at work ? Explain the same.

  8. What does loyalty mean to you ?

  9. What are the soft skills you think a PM should have.

  10. What is the best approach to be aggressive or assertive.