Project Documents part of the Project Managment Plan

Hello, I had trouble with question 51 from

Is the Risk Register part of the Project Management Plan? Are all project documents considered part of ( or components ) the project management plan?

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Please refere to PMBOK 4th adition (page 350), you will find answers to all your questions.

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Hi, Thank you for your reply.  I have seen a few sample exam questions with referring to the Risk Register as part ( or component ) of the project plan. Would you agree these questions are not accurate then based on the wording? ( and  based on page 350 of the PMBOK) . Such as #51 of

Maybe if the question was worded in a way stating that the Risk Register is used in the following plans would be more accurate. Any thoughts?

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I failed to read the last sentence of page 350. “The following is a representative list of project management plan components and project documents.” So I guess saying one these is a component  of the project management plan is accurate but not part of the project management plan. I still find this confusing..  I will be very careful on the Test when answering these type of questions  Thanks