Project Charter

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If Project charter has been approved by the sponsor then what will be the next step for PM? guide says identify stakeholder but as per my understanding identify stakeholder is part of project charter which is already done. Please help me to understand this.




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According to the Initiation group after Project Charter approval the PM should start the identify stakeholders process. According to the Integration Management the next process is Develop Project Management Plan. But Kick Off meeting (announces start of project) will have to be completed before Develop PM plan, 
 between above 2, which one to choose?
Answer is that it depends on the PMP question and the context defined. Generally after approving the charter we will have kick off meeting to announce formal start of project

Next step would be to identify stakeholders. Project charter may only contain key stakeholders but you need to identify all your project stakeholders.

Project Charter is a formal notofication of project announcement. It contains very high level details regarding stakeholders also only primary stakeholders. So the project manager need to identify all the stakeholders.

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