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Guys, once the charter is approved and officially signed can PM go back and update the Charter through Change Control? I know it sounds silly but imagine PM finds a misrepresentation due to lack of expertise in creating a charter without involving an experinced PM.  I am hoping that someone can clarify this as it is stuck in my mind and could not find a proper answer else where. Can a Charter be updated after it is signed?

Yes, It can be updated through change management process.

 Updating the Project Charter can be done only by the Sponsor(or manager external to the project) because he/she is the one who decided on the objectives etc. in the first place. Of course PM can help in doing that.

But if there is a question in the exam as to who can do it I will choose Sponsor ( and not PM). Also if you ask me can PM do it then I will say no because the decision will finally lie with the sponsor.

Gurus ??

 Very true.

 Thanks guys  

 This is true.  Only Sponsor can update the Project Charter.  This was a question on pmstudy exam.  

  • Is Project Charter client/customer's document or contractors document in case of External Project.
  • Is an agreement a part of project charter
  • Is a project charter a common document of contractor and client.
  • When project charter can be updated, what are main elements that can be updated.



The original project charter will not change throughout your project's life cycle. Once it is approved by the stakeholders, you cannot modify or change the original charter without agreement by all parties involved.

Contract - Project Charter    

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Posted 12 August 2007 - 09:20 PM

I came across following quesion on internet

You are the project manager for Zippy Tees. Your company has decided to outsource the manufacturing of miniature bears to be attached to your trendy T-shirts. Which of the following is true?

A. A good product description is all that's required. The project manager will supply this to the vendor.
B. The project manager should write the project charter because the project manager will be managing the vendor portion of this project as well.
C. The vendor should write the project charter as they are responsible for manufacturing the bears.
D. The contract can serve as the project charter. The product description will be included in the contract.

My Conclusion.
1. Project manager assigned of a project for developing trendy T-shirts
2. One part of this project is to miniature bears.
3. As per Plan Purchases or Aquisitions process, company decided to outsource the amnufacturing of miniature bears.
4. Contract SOW is developed.
5. But this contract SOW is not the same as project charter.
6. So the Project manager who is responsible for managing the contract should develop the project charter for the contract

Hence answer should B. But as per the test, answer is D

Can you pls explain what the correct answer should be

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 12:07 PM

To be honest, none of those answers look good to me.

The provided answer ("D. The contract can server as the project charter.") is incorrect. The contract is an input to the Develop Project Charter process, so how can it be used as the charter? The charter is the document that authorizes the project manager to assign work to the team. That's not something I've ever seen in a contract or service-level agreement, and it would be very odd to put it in, because then the company would need to go into claims administration if the project manager leaves the company or has to be reassigned.

However, B is not a good answer, either. The project manager rarely writes the project charter, because the person who writes or authorizes the charter has to be in a position to authorize the project manager to do the work. If the project manager already has the authority to issue a new project charter, he doesn't really need one to authorize him to do the work. That's not the only purpose of the charter, but it is the main one.

So I don't think any of the answers to that question are correct. If I were taking that practice exam, I'd probably get the question wrong. But I doubt that you'll see poorly constructed questions on the real PMP exam. From everything I've seen, the exam has questions that are generally clear, easy to understand, and have a real, correct answer.
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My view  - Yes a Contract may be a projec charter, it is an input offcourse, but A contract, have all documents, informations and objects/ elements which are to be included in PROJECT CHARTER.
When It is a contract project, Both client and contractor should have a common Project Charter, and would be signed by both.
For reference look this :  -This link gives a good definition and understandable definition of PROJECT CHARTER.

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