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I'm looking at getting my PMP at some point.

I fulfill the requirements: ie: Bachelors and Maters degree, I also have the required 35 hours of training.  I would need 4500 hours of experience and this is where my question comes in.


I worked as part of the PMO for a large company for 3 years so I have the months/hours covered in terms of the experience needed but I am not 100% sure of the actual work I did within the project.

Throughout the 3 years I was offically titled as Program/Project assistant to the Program and Project directors/managers. In my time there I was involved in 2 large projects took part in the 5 process groups required.

Initially I had basic project administration tasks but was always involved with all project decisions eventhough they weren't mine to make. I attended steering group meetings to take minutes to facilitate and provide physical documentation to the SG members if my PM was not on site. I gained more responsibility quickly.  Ultimately I never lead/directed an entire project but was  surrounded only by PM type work full time for these 3 years.

I was often given tasks within the project to run on my own but other than that I was always beside our PM and involved in aspects of the project eventhough it was her making the decisions. So in my eyes I see this as experience but I am not sure based on PMI's requirements and views


Please let me know if you think I would be eligible for the PMP based on this, if you want more info please let me know.


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To be eligible for the PMP credential, you need to meet certain educational and professional experience requirements. All project management experience must have been accrued within the last eight consecutive years prior to your application submission. You need to have experience in all five process groups across all your projects.

The below figure shows the eligibility criteria for PMP certification as given by PMI. Consult with a PMI Registered Education Provider to check your eligibility, when you are in doubt.

You can click here for Free PMP Resources. Hope this will helps you.

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please refer to the follwoing guide for helpful information on PMP requirements and lots more:


The Complete Guide To “How To Get PMP Certification” :







You need to have 4500 hours of PM experience in a leading & directing role to to do PMP. So, PM role is must before doing PMP. However, PM role is not equivalent to PM designation/title. PM role means that you should have managed full or part of a project. Your role in the project could be of vendor management, team management, client management etc. The projects could be related to any industry. They could be big or small, technical or non-technical etc.

You can read more about the details of 4500 hours of experience here

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