Preparing for PMP exam

 When pursuing for the PMP certification, it may seem like a very overwhelming task….filling the PMP application, reading PMBOK® Guide, attending a boot camp/ self-study, then again doing practice tests and then take the PMP exam…. too much work and not sure whether this would be worthwhile. This is where you really need to be patient and remember the saying: “How do you eat an elephant?  A bite at a time.”


All you need to do is to plan carefully and be very patient. The key is to start doing something (like having a project plan or joining a study group or reading the PMBOK) and keep on going without stopping. You have to set milestones in your project plan and then keep to it. You can start by doing one task at a time. It is also very important to plan for some events that may happen (not keeping well, extended working hours at your place of work, etc.) into your plan. You would need to keep yourself motivated. You can also seek guidance in preparing for the PMP exam from your colleagues or friends who have taken the PMP exam.


The sooner you start to chow on this PMP elephant, the sooner you will realize the benefits and start focusing more on passing the exam the better. It is always suggested that it would be better that you attend a boot camp, as you not only get to learn from people who have helped other PMs to be a PMP certificant but also you can get your doubts clarified. There are many PMP exam Prep providers like PMstudy (who have an amazing success rate and money back guarantee), PMTI, Cheetah, etc. Do many simulated practice tests and get to know which is your weak areas and then work on them. When you are sure you are ready for the PMP exam, then you take it. If you are planning to attend any boot camp, it is better to take the exam within 5 to 7 days from the last day of the boot camp. Hope this would be helpful. Wish you all the best. Happy New Year - 2013!