Preparing PMP application - useful sheet for gathering info


I am preparing to take the certification, so I joined the forum and found very helpful information so I thought I could share something that is of use to others.  

While registering with the PMI and applying for the PMP certification, I had to gather a lot of information from the projects I have worked on and the hours I spent working on each of the process areas, so I ended up creating a sheet which allowed me to specify:

  • Time worked in the project: from the date I started to the date I finished working in the project

  • Hours spent at each process area: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing.  This time is detailed, as per the PMI

  • Calculates months and hours spent working on activities that qualify

This helped me to easily gather this information and know, at a glance, the total hours and months that I have worked in project.  I hope this is useful to others: